Who we are

A gentleman's web design shop.

From conception to launch, we craft digital experiences that make a positive impact to your business for years to come.

Our Story

Born from the want to provide strong and reliable web development services, Spruce&Narra catered to businesses seeking not just a website, but a partner in the digital frontier. Named after the resilient Spruce and Narra trees, our identity mirrors these qualities: versatility, strength, and timeless value. In this digital haberdashery, every project is a bespoke suit, meticulously tailored to represent each client's noble quest.

How we began

Our roots extend back to 2008, starting with a passion for graphic design, growing into video editing, and finally developing into full-fledged web design and development. Our journey began with a lone freelancer's vision, crafting designs that resonated and moved with purpose. As we honed our craft, we delved deeper, settling into our niche where web development meets enduring design. We treat each project like an orchestral performance, where we conduct each section to produce wonderfully stirring music that touches the heart of every audience.

Where we are now

Sydney now houses our dreams and aspirations as we stand proudly amidst its varied landscape. Our portfolio tells tales of success across industries—from the harmonious notes of the music sector to the foundational strength of the construction industry. Each project is a testament to our commitment, embodying our drive to exceed expectations and provide consistent results.

Where we plan to be

Spruce&Narra is on a trajectory to produce excellent masterpieces in web design not just in Australia, but across the US and European markets. We're setting the stage for a future where our work dons the digital world with clarity, purpose, and beauty, reaching an audience yearning for authenticity and connection.

A mission for today

Our mission is a beacon that guides every project, every interaction.

We're here to deliver deliver top-notch work on time or ahead of schedule, turning complex digital schematics into accessible art. We aim to create solid designs and frameworks that bring long-term benefits to our clients. We strive to deliver complex web-related education in an easy to understand format that allows the reader to cope and be agile in an ever-changing technological landscape.

A vision for the future

With every partnership, we aim to amplify voices of like-minded individuals and enterprises, giving them tools to further their actions.

We choose projects and partners that echo our desire to propel humanity forward, thereby crafting legacies and adding them to our own.

Our Values


& Integrity

Our compass. In a realm swayed by fleeting trends, we stand firm on the grounds of honesty and clarity.


Our pride. Whether in the visible front-end canvas or invisible back-end systems, we expect our work to have the same level of quality, seen or unseen.

Exemplary Communication

Our bridge. Communication is the cornerstone to every relationship. We aim to ensure that lines are kept open and words clear and sincere.

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