The Coffee Heritage Project

An organization that cares for coffee and the people who grow it. Designing the site to reflect their spirit and passion proved to be most invigorating. We could almost smell the coffee as we pushed pixels.

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Do you love coffee? We certainly do! Coffee is an integral and non-negotiable part of our creative process. One can say that we are fueled by espresso. But we do not just use any type of coffee off the supermarket shelf. For us, it's coffee from the mountains of Sagada, Philippines done by our favorite farmer and roaster, Melay Sibayan, and hand-pressed in a Flair espresso machine.

We were then very caffeinatedly happy to have been commissioned by The Coffee Heritage Project - a non-profit that seeks the welfare of coffee farmers - to design and build their site.

A very coffee vibe

When one is passionate about the subject matter, creativity flows much easier. Right from the beginning, we knew that the site had to have the feel(and smell) of coffee. We used an color palette composed of earthy colors, subtle effects in hue and blur changes together with sketches and paintings.

A powerful CMS

Central to this website is a powerful and user-friendly CMS(Content Management System) used as the engine that drives information to the News page. We provided training support for their staff so they would be able to make updates at any given time.

Beautiful on mobile devices

Mobile is the main means of accessing a website these days. We made certain that every part of the site is mobile responsive and delivers a beautiful experience to the user. Animations and effects done on desktop are also reflected on mobile screens.

We at Spruce&Narra have a soft heart for organizations and companies that do good for others. The world needs kindness now more than ever. When we help each other, we make a better world.
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